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Summer Fashion Must-Have's

Yesterday, I post my summer beauty must-have’s. This post will be about my fashion must-have’s. Of course, I must have one right? This wouldn’t be called Fashiometics without my take in fashion must-have’s. I hope you enjoy this post! 🙂

1. Sunglasses — I cannot reiterate this anymore. I did many posts about sunglasses ever since I started this blog. This is my ultimate must-have for summer! I rarely wear sunglasses in the winter since it’s usually cloudy or snowing here in the Mid-Atlantic.

2. Colorful Accessories — I wasn’t really into accessories since last year and when I learned how to balance my accessories — I went on an accessory craze. All I wanted to buy for the whole month was accessories. At first, I was into silver accessories, but now I learned how to experiment with different colors so they also fall into my summer fashion must-have’s!

3. Beach Bags — I love going to the beach! It always make me feel serene, and of course, I wouldn’t go to the beach without my beach bag! Summer is the only time I could take out my beach bags since I don’t use them at school. Maybe I should start doing that, no?

4. Dresses — Two summers ago, I only had three dress. I never really liked wearing dresses until this winter. Ever since the dress frenzy kicked in, I’ve been buying dresses non-stop. Once, I went to Target and came home with 3 new dresses! Now I have more than 10! Yea, it’s not really an addition — it’s more of an addiction! 😀

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I’m back with another Summer Staple series! I think this series is coming to an end, but not to worry, there are a lot more different series coming soon, and I’m definitely doing a Fall, Winter, and Spring staple as this blog grows. But again, not everything is definite. I will probably do two or three more Summer Staple since technically, it is not summer yet.

Enough with the ramblings. This post features my ultimate favorite out of all the summer staples I posted — FLIP FLOPS! Every summer, I look forward on wearing my flip-flops. I will admit I don’t have the perfect feet, but I like them exposed, since they have seen enough socks and boots during the winter time. Personally, my favorite is the colored flip-flops. They are great for a pop of color during the summer! 🙂 Here are a few of my suggestions:

So, what do you think? Do you own any kind of the flip-flops featured above? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂