Goodbye 2012

This is a thing I do every year. Although, I don’t remember where exactly I wrote 2011.

2012 had been a roller coaster. Started fairly negative; followed by numerous sleepless nights – literally and figuratively. I was used to doing many things during the summer; I ended up with an internship this year. 

Dreams came true; hearts were still broken, again and again. Learned new things about love. Was silently rejected to the countless job applications I sent out. Met new friends, some friendships were rekindled, but also said goodbye to some amazing people. Definitely learned a lot this year. Discovered many things about myself, about my limits. 

The biggest thing this year was my graduation. I am finally done! But now what? There are many uncertainties. Nothing was really answered in 2012. 

One thing is for sure though: I’m ready for you 2013. No more excuses, no more delaying anything. Oh, and more blogging.

And as my favorite Taylor Swift song says:

“This is the golden age of something good and right and real.”

Bring it on, 2013. Happy new year, everyone!

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