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Growing up, I had this addiction with neon colors. And it carried through my teenage years, up to now. Neon colors have that certain happy vibe! Sometimes, you’ll see people wear it carelessly. I think you have to be very careful when you want to incorporate neon with your outfit. Treat it as a “pop of color” thing instead of going crazy. 

Recently, I came across this website called I had downloaded an app called Wrapp, and received a free $10 gift card to spend at Fab. The site is a lot like the sample sale websites such as Rue La La or Ideeli, but here’s the twist — they actually have new and up-coming designers’ products for sale. They also go out their way to find new and unique designs, so it is not your typical online shop. You should definitely check it out! They offer a variety of products — from clothes to art to home decor.



This is what I got from them. Now, doesn’t that make you smile? I think it’s great when a company spends extra time on making their service better. Good job,! 🙂

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement; I paid for all the stuff I got with the exception of the $10 gift card I received. When something is this good, you can’t help but share it! If you do try their service, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. Natalie said:

    Hey Fashionmetics,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Ah that site is too cute.
    By the way, new post on my blog, please could you check it out when you get chance?
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

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