Travel Guide | What to Bring: Vacation at the Beach

A paradise beach at Uiha, Tonga

Photo Credit: LimeWave Photo via Flickr

Hello everyone! Since my vacation starts tomorrow, I’m here to share what you and I should bring when traveling. Let me share something about myself first — I am horrible at packing. I always don’t know what to bring. I’ve been in several trips to the beach, and I always end up packing more than I need. Does that ever happen to you? Well, I’m going to make it easy for the both of us. I’m here to share some tips whether you’re spending a day or a week at the beach.

  • The List

This is the most important. Create a list that will help you remember the things you HAVE to have when traveling. This includes everything from toothbrush to the littlest thing like a pair of earrings. It is possible to not include your wardrobe to the list. If you have an idea of which clothes you’re going to bring with you, write them down, but more on that later. It is okay if your list isn’t specific enough, just know which are the ones you always grab. If you have a million different facial washes, bring two — one for cleansing and one for breakouts; you never know! Just make sure you’re certain about your choices — you don’t want to bring something that you’ve purchased two days ago. You don’t even know if that certain product is going to work for you. The goal here is to relax and have a worry-free vacation!

Here is what my beach packing list looks like:

If you happen to find this interesting and useful for you, you can download the pdf file here.

  • Wardrobe

Another important thing about traveling is your outfit. Okay, maybe it is the most important — you get the point! 😀 When choosing your outfits, you should know which clothes in your closet best flatters your figure. Also, know how many clothes you need to bring. If you’re staying at the beach in 7 days, bring at least 10 change of clothes. You’ll never know what you may end up doing! However, if you have planned out everything — what you’re going to do from the first day up to the very last — plan out your outfits! This includes everything from head to toe, inside and out! Find the shoes that goes best with everything. This is why you should pack the day before, not the day of. You have to try on everything in your closet so you’ll have an idea what goes with what. If you’re planning to sticking out with the basics, bring bold accessories! The key here is to have a relaxing but fabulous summer! Besides, you better look good on those pictures, right? Right.

  • Beauty Essentials

Honestly, as much as I want to bring my entire make-up collection to this trip, I can’t. Besides, I don’t love every single product in my collection. I’ll tell you this though — I’m glad I got one of the last Clinique Bonus at Macy’s. What I love about those is that they are very travel-friendly. I have a travel size make-up remover, a palette with two eye shadows and a blush, a lipstick and lip gloss duo with SPF 15! All I have to bring is my foundation and my mascara and I’m ready to hit the road. I know what you’re thinking — why am I settling with just that, I thought of it too. I think I will add more eyeshadow rather than the boring brown that I have, but that’s about it. I’ll probably throw another blush that I’m willing to use everyday, and a couple of lip glosses. Okay, really, that’s about it! I strongly suggest that you pick all of your favorites and bring them with you since you’ll be using them everyday for the next 3 or 7 days! Also, bring a foundation or tinted moisturizer that’s darker than your current skin color unless you don’t have any plans on getting a tan. In my case, I have my two shades darker MAC Studio Fix Powder so I’m all set for that. If you don’t have a summer foundation, don’t worry, bring your bronzer! It will help, trust me.

  • Toiletries and Skin Care

Toiletries are important too, but try not to bring too much. If you’re going to be away for 1 week, make sure you have enough, but if you prefer buying them on where you’re going, do your research. Search for the nearest drugstores so you already know before leaving. For skin care, just bring what works for you. Enough said.

  • Electronics

These are optional; you don’t have to bring these if you’re planning on having a peaceful vacation. I think vacations are meant to be savored. Spend quality time with your family and/or friends. But if you’re going to drive like us, bring your electronics with you so you have something to do on the way to the beach, but once you’re in the hotel room, try to enjoy yourself! 🙂

  • Camera

Last, but certainly not the least — and oops, it’s not on the list. Camera! You want to capture those memories from your vacation. Bring an extra memory card with you for when the one you already have runs out. Don’t forget your charger, too!

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More Tips:

  • When putting your clothes into your luggage or weekend bag, try to roll them to save space and to avoid wrinkling. To organize your clothes furthermore, try to roll each outfit you planned out so you know which goes with what.
  • Try to pack at least two more outfits than what you need; you’ll never know what may come up once you’re at the beach.
  • Travel size products are generally more expensive than full-size products. Avoid buying those. Instead, share with friends to save space and money. It’s like potluck, but in this case, you’ll bring toiletries.

So, what do you think? Will my list be useful for you? Do you have any plans for the summer? Are you planning on going to the beach? What are your travel essentials? Let me know all about it in the comments below! 🙂

  1. Good idea for a post! So many people over pack (including me 🙂 )! This summer I am going to go on vacay to NYC! I am really excited about it!

    XOXO Mass

    • New York! My favorite city! 🙂 I’m totally jealous.

      Have fun Mass! xx 🙂

      • Haha thanks! It’ll be my first time so I am pretty excited! I’ve heard such ah-mazing things about it.

        XOXO Mass

      • Aww. It will be so much fun! 🙂 Make sure you try the NY Pizza!!

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