My Summer Fashion Must-Have’s

Summer Fashion Must-Have's

Yesterday, I post my summer beauty must-have’s. This post will be about my fashion must-have’s. Of course, I must have one right? This wouldn’t be called Fashiometics without my take in fashion must-have’s. I hope you enjoy this post! 🙂

1. Sunglasses — I cannot reiterate this anymore. I did many posts about sunglasses ever since I started this blog. This is my ultimate must-have for summer! I rarely wear sunglasses in the winter since it’s usually cloudy or snowing here in the Mid-Atlantic.

2. Colorful Accessories — I wasn’t really into accessories since last year and when I learned how to balance my accessories — I went on an accessory craze. All I wanted to buy for the whole month was accessories. At first, I was into silver accessories, but now I learned how to experiment with different colors so they also fall into my summer fashion must-have’s!

3. Beach Bags — I love going to the beach! It always make me feel serene, and of course, I wouldn’t go to the beach without my beach bag! Summer is the only time I could take out my beach bags since I don’t use them at school. Maybe I should start doing that, no?

4. Dresses — Two summers ago, I only had three dress. I never really liked wearing dresses until this winter. Ever since the dress frenzy kicked in, I’ve been buying dresses non-stop. Once, I went to Target and came home with 3 new dresses! Now I have more than 10! Yea, it’s not really an addition — it’s more of an addiction! 😀

5. Paper Bag Shorts — When I went to Banana Republic 3 months ago, I found this super cute skirt. It was on sale, but i didn’t buy it and I regret it ever since. I didn’t think it looked good until I went home and checked out the pictures I took at the fitting room (Yes, I do that all the time!). Then I found an alternative — it wasn’t a skirt, but in my opinion, it was better! Enter paper bag shorts. The end.

6. Skirts — I love floral skirts! They’re everywhere every spring; I think it’s becoming a cliché to buy a skirt during the spring season, but nonetheless, I still love them.

7. Wedges — These are my go-to sandals this summer. Last winter, I bought 4 wedges and didn’t get a chance to wear them. Now that the weather is in the 80s, I vow to wear wedges at least once or maybe twice a week!

8. Flip Flops — Enough said.

So, what do you think? What are you summer fashion must-have’s? Do we have anything in common? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

  1. I like the accessories, the shoes, and the dress the best!

    XOXO Mass

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