Serena Van der Woodsen Inspired

If you looooooove watching Gossip Girl because of the fashion, the city, the guys, the FASHION. Ooh-la-la sister! 🙂 We’re already BFFs! I don’t know what is it about Gossip Girl that makes me just want to move to NYC. Sure, I won’t be living like them, but I don’t mind living in New York even if it’s just for a week.

Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is my favorite out of all the characters! She’s carefree, lively, and does what she think is right. No more questions asked. They say her character was derived from English model Kate Moss — effortlessly fashionable, which is true. Serena seems to dress like she just picked out whatever she wanted to wear that day, but still looks like she spent days trying to perfect an ensemble.

So here’s an inspiration for all the Serena Van Der Woodsen fans out there! 🙂


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